We will consider producing custom bras for virtually any motorcycle, on any part of the fairing, provided that your make and model of bike will allow proper attachment. If we have not previously produced a Bra for your particular make and model, we may need you to send the fairing components you wish fitted, to us. If we feel there is a demand for your model of Fairing Bra, we may not charge for the pattern making time for the basic Bra for your machine, since these patterns may be used for other bikes of the same model. We will install the fastening system for you as well while your parts are here. You would be required to cover the cost of shipping the components to us and back.

If your request is so unique that it would not be required again, pattern charges will apply and the shipping charges to and from us would also have to be covered by you.

The first step in requestintg a custom Bra is to e-mail us with all the details of your request so we can give you an accurate quote. We would also require a digital picture of your bike so we can "sketch" a concept and e-mail it back to you for approval. Once the details are worked out and approval is given by you, we will formalize a quote and time of delivery. A deposit of 25% of the purchase price is required for custom orders.


Custom colours of vinyl for the Bras are available, but the number of colours is limited. We would require a general description of the colour you wish, ie., bright red, dark grey, light blue. We will obtain samples within your request and mail samples to you and you pick the colour you require. This may add one to two additional weeks depending on what Country you live in and you would be required to cover these mail costs. Custom colours require an upcharge.

FAQ's (Based on Yamaha Seca Turbo)

Q. How is the Bra held on the fairing?

A. Velcro "Loop" straps are sewn to the Bra. The Velcro "Hook" fasteners are self adhesive backed and adhered to the inside of the Fairing. We use Velcro #88 Hook and #1000 Loop. The Standard and Sporty Bras have 21 straps and the Low-Cut models have 15.

Q. How long lasting and strong is the Velcro fastening?

A. This Velcro system is rated at 7,500 cycles (pulls) to maintain 50% of the tensile (pull) strength. The tensile (pull) strength is rated at a minimum of 5.6 psi to a maximum of 10.1 psi. The shear (tear away) strength which is what holds the Bra on, is rated at a minimum of 7.9 psi to a maximum of 15.7 psi. To sum it up, on the Low-Cut Bra model which has fewer straps (15), there is a total of 24 square inches of Velcro holding the Bra on. At a minimum of 7.9 psi shear per square inch, it would take a minimum of 189 pounds to tear the Bra off. In other words, if you put it on correctly, it isn't coming off in the wind. When you feel that the Velcro is no longer holding well, simply replace it. You will need to have the loop sewn in place of the original loop.

Q. What are the Bras padded with?

A. The Bras are backed with a 1/8" (3mm) thick foam covered with a non-abrasive Tricote backing. This allows more protection from stone chips and also gives a more tailored look to the Bras.

Q. How is the lettering made?

A. The lettering is created using paint stencils and a high quality vinyl paint. If the paint wears off after many years of use, you can purchase additional stencils and re-paint the lettering easily yourself.

Q. The vinyl looks close to the pipes, will it melt?

A. From many seasons of personal experience and from Customer's comments there has never been any problems. There is one small area close to the pipes where the fairing "chin' and lower front fairing panels meet, where the vinyl gets warm. It becomes more pliable under the heat, but does not melt. On some Seca Turbo's the lower fairings were not centered and one side was closer to the header pipes than the other. If you have this problem. you need to shim the lower fairing so it is centered. This will ensure proper clearance. You can also adjust the Bra away slightly from the area close to the pipes.

Q. Can I remove the bra as soon as I stop the bike?

A. NO, THE EXHAUST SYSTEM IS EXTREMELY HOT! Bras must only be installed and removed when the engine is cold. It is safer for you and the Bra. Some of the areas have very little clearance and you don't want to burn yourself. For the bra, the area of vinyl close to the pipe that gets warm may stretch. You may also accidentaly touch the vinyl on the hot pipes and burn the vinyl.

Q. How do I care for my Bra?

A. The Bras can be gently hand washed and dried. Use a good quality Vinyl protectant after washing and once per month during the driving seasons. Scratches can be touched up with shoe polish. If your model has any lettering, DO NOT fold or crease the bra, instead, lightly roll the bra up for storage.